About Traci Kanaan

Born and raised in Berea, OH, Traci was the only child of George and Carol Kanaan, who owned and operated Copy Center West. Traci began playing (pounding) the piano at the age of 2. Her parents traded printing for some piano lessons, and Traci found herself studying at The Cleveland Institute of Music at the age of 5. Traci’s piano teachers didn’t appreciate “her bursts of creativity.” They constantly pointed out her “inability to follow directions” and “reluctance to play the music the way it was written,” and Traci was eventually “dismissed” after burning through 8 teachers in 8 years...

Areas of Expertise

NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming
HNLP Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Life Coaching
Lifestyle Consulting
Mind Bending Language
Eye Movement Therapy
Parts Therapy
Pattern Interrupts
Natal Regression
Childhood Regression
Pain Management
Past Life Regression
Reincarnation of the Soul
Transmigration of the Soul
Lucid Dreaming
Astral Projection

Remote Viewing
Old Soul
Entity Release
Alien Abduction
Programming with Pleasure
Instant and Rapid Inductions
Hypnosis with Myers Briggs
Personality Types
Chinese Face Reading
Erotic Hypnosis
Erotic Hypnotherapy
Hypnosis for Dentistry
Hypnosis for Childbirth

Smoking Cessation

Weight Loss

Certifications & Training

NLP Master & Trainer

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Powerful Suggestions = Powerful Results!   NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  Successful people talk to themselves differently than non-successful people.  By learning the speech and thought patterns of successful people, you can replicate success in your own life.  Studying these speech and thought patterns and how to incorporate them into your sessions for maximum impact is my passion.

Certified Neuro-Lingustic Hypnotist

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Reach the Top

I've studied with world-renowned NLP trainer Dr. Will Horton and founder of the National Federation for Neuro-Lingustic Programming.  This certification shows how to synthesize Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming so the client can achieve maximum results.  If Hypnosis is the vehicle, NLP is the premium octane gas to get you where you want to be as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Certified Hypnotist

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black watch.jpg

Basic fundamental training for any Hypnotist.  I learned how to put people in trance, and take them out of trance, and give basic suggestions.   I've taken this training times with different instructors, always learning something new.

Certified Hypnotherapist

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Spiral Staircase

Hypnosis Basics and learning the 50 step protocol of Childhood Regression. Regression is the process by which the hypnotist guides you back through time to particular events that need to be examined. It is actually relatively simple; you are suggested to travel back through the years to recall specific memories.

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Extensive training on implementing Hypnotic Pain Management Techniques.  Great for those afraid of the dentist, migraines and headaches, and those preparing for or recovering from surgical procedures.  Those suffering from phantom pain, missing limbs, cancer, or other ailments may be able to find relief through hypnosis as well.

Certified TransPersonal Hypnotherapist

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Church Candles

Additional training on how working with clients within their belief system.  Topics included studies of Karma, Dharma, Reincarnation, Spirituality, Entity Release and Alien Abduction.  Regardless of your spiritual affiliation (or lack thereof), I have a protocol that will help you get the results you want.

Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Specialist

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Diet Orange

Lose weight easily and effortlessly with our 4 session Virtual Gastric Band program.  Eat less, reduce food cravings, get motivated to exercise and enjoy living life while sizing down.  

Sexual Freedom Hypnosis Practitioner

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Hypnosis to increase (or decrease) libido, arousal, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, porn addiction, kink and fetish management, and LGBTQA issues.  Traci is one of the few "sex positive" and swinger and kink friendly hypnotherapists in the United States, with over 10+ years in the swinging lifestyles and BDSM scene.

Certified Hypnotist

Identity by Design

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Middle Aged Woman in White Blouse

Additional Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy tricks to help my clients update their belief systems faster than ever.  I use these in just about ever session I do, especially when I've had clients who've been through a lot of therapy and don't want to tell their story AGAIN.  Some of these change your neurology on the spot in the most surprising simple ways.

Certified Hypnotist

Conversational Hypnosis

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Therapy Session

Sometimes this is called "Waking Hypnosis."  No formal induction, no swaying watch, just talking my clients into trance.  I've found this useful when I get a client who wants change but is afraid of hypnosis thanks to inaccurate media portrayals, doesn't understand what Hypnosis really is, and/or has severe trust issues. 

Certified Hypnotist

Hypnotic Presentation Skills

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Public Speaker

Using Hypnosis and careful word choices to persuade and influence in my presentations (and comedy shows) to ensure my audiences pay attention, to ensure I can hold their interest, and get them to act.  Invaluable tools I use as a stand up comedian and share with my clients who are interested in public speaking.

Face Reading, Chinese Medicine & Hypnotherapy

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Your face tells a lot about you, and I use this in every session to best communicate with my clients and quickly uncover what their most troublesome issues might be, as well as when those issues came about.  From birth to the age of 25, you are given your face.  From 25-50, you choose your face.  From 50-on up, you wear the face you've earned.

Smoking Cessation Specialist

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cigarette butt.jpg

Tired of the cravings?  Tried patches, gum, cold turkey, and nothing else worked?  Now you can stop smoking, vaping, and chewing tobacco FOREVER in our 2 hour, patented, Smoking Cessation protocol.  Add a few years to your life, give yourself more time with your loved ones and save yourself thousands of $$$.  The entire process takes about 2-2.5 hours.  Ask about our LIFETIME GUARANTEE!

Ordained Minister

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Ordained Minister with the Universal Life Church.  This allows me to "touch" clients as needed for hypnosis.  I also officiate weddings, vow renewals, and celebrations.  Please ask about our ceremonies for special non-traditional relationships within The Lifestyle, BDSM, LGBTQA and Polyamory communities.

Jedi Knight

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Jedi Knight Symbol.png

Do or do not...there is no try!


When I became an ordained minister, I could add this gem to my bag of tricks for another $10.  A huge Star Wars fan, how could I not be a Jedi Knight?  Hypnosis is kind of like doing Jedi Mind Tricks anyway, so it's official.


"May The Force Be With You!"

Proud Member