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No pills, no patches, no gum, no vaping, no cravings!

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IMAGINE!  You could be 2 - 2.5 hours away from being a non-smoker, non-vaper, and non-chewer for the rest of your life!  My smoking cessation protocol is fun, informative, effective and comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.  I'm committed to your success as a non-smoker.


Traci Kanaan, Certified Hypnotist & Hypnotherapist


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Vape pen, vaping, stop vaping
Vape pen, vaping, stop vaping

Stop vaping in one session with Wings Hypnosis!

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man smoking cigar

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the 6 commitments to

becoming a non-smoker


We create our reality through our beliefs.  Henry Ford said, “If you believe you can achieve something, or you believe you can’t, either way you’re right.”  Your creative mind is the single most powerful element in giving up your habit.  You may have tried to quit smoking before expecting it to be difficult, only to find yourself back at it again. Do you believe that you can and will quit smoking permanently?

Yes or No?

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Smoking is often associated or linked with certain activities like talking on the phone, drinking, breaks, with coffee, or after a meal.  With the help of hypnosis, we will be breaking up all of the connections between these activities and smoking.  You will continue to enjoy these same activities (perhaps even more), while taking pleasure in healthier, life-affirming habits. Are you willing to allow your very creative unconscious mind to come up with several new beneficial behaviors to replace smoking?

Yes or No?

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The cost of this session is what you are already spending on cigarettes in a month or two.  On average our clients actually save $1,500 to $3,500 each and every year!  You are investing in your health and your future.  Do you agree that the price is a very small investment for the health, emotional, and financial returns you will receive for the rest of your life?

Yes or No?

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Have you ever tried to quit smoking without telling anyone (just in case it didn’t work?)  In war, some generals would burn the bridges they had crossed in order to motivate the troops forward.  The same is true for quitting smoking.  Are you willing to share with your friends, family, colleagues, and associates your intention to quit once and for all, or do you want to wait and see?

Imagine the image of yourself that you intend to portray in the coming weeks.  Is it someone who is fearful, and wants to ensure a safe place to fail back to?  Or is it a confident, successful you, committed to life, health, and inspiring others?  After your session, will you tell everyone that you have quit smoking…especially your smoker friends??

Yes or No?

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You have great reasons to become a non-smoker, but do you really want to quit?  Are you sick and tired of being an emotional slave to nicotine poison?  Are you emotionally ready to give up the smell, shortness of breath and health risks?  Are you in touch with all the wonderful things you will gain once you are free from this deadly habit? 

Read The 6 Commitments to Becoming a Non-Smoker to see if you're TRULY READY to QUIT SMOKING once and for all.

Yes or No?

Pink Smoke

Now that you have quit smoking forever, you are in a powerful position to “pay this gift forward.” Paying this life affirming gift forward accomplishes several things. First, it solidifies you as a permanent non-smoker. Secondly, you’ll feel wonderful knowing that you are helping to save lives of people you know and care about. Third, you assist us in our mission to save 10,000 lives. When you refer just 3 smokers and then they refer others, you begin a wave that could save hundreds, even thousands of lives; very good Karma! How tall will you feel knowing that you are sending powerful, positive ripples into the world? Imagine that you have a lit candle and you choose to share your light with another, and then another. Your flame looses nothing, yet you experience yourself in flow with an abundant universe without end. When you become a permanent non- smoker, would you be willing to share this life changing gift with at least 3 others?

Yes or No?

Prayer Candles

Bonnie K,

St Petersburg, FL

Traci was fantastic. Warm, friendly, professional, funny and made me feel comfortable as soon as I walked in the door. She was super down to earth and very passionate about her work. She showed a lot of enthusiasm for having the opportunity to help me quit smoking. Traci was very patient and answered all of my questions. The entire process was extremely interesting. She helped me uncover the real reasons that I been a smoker, which I had never understood about myself before. I am super excited and very grateful to Traci as I am confident that I will never pick up a tobacco product again. I highly recommend Traci at Wings Hypnosis!

why my

"quit smoking in one session" is so successful

Much of my job as a "Hypnotist" is to "un-hypnotize" people, because they've been believing their own negative and mentally inefficient programming for years.  In order to do this, I combine the most powerful behavior and thought modification techniques to make the changes you want...a healthier, happier you.  My goal (and don't take this the wrong way) is that PROFESSIONALLY...I never want to see you again.  I want clients that are healthy, happy and thriving.  Here's how I do it:


Your body responds to questions long before the answers ever leave your mouth.  Neuro-Testing allows me to bypass your conscious mind and see what your unconscious mind has to say about your relationship with smoking, chewing and vaping.   You'll find this to be fun...and VERY surprising.


EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique also known as "Tapping," is a process where I mindfully "disrupt" the thoughts and impulses that make you want to continue smoking, chewing or vaping.  You won't believe how this simple process helps facilitate powerful changes so quickly.


Your unconscious mind is where your smoking behavior developed and works hard to keep you smoking.  Hypnosis allows me to easily and effectively communicate with your unconscious mind, so you replace smoking, chewing, or vaping with other behaviors of your choosing. You're job is to sit back and relax and allow the suggestions to work! 


Your smoking cessation session is completely customized to the top 3-5 reasons why you want to quit smoking, chewing, or vaping.  During our meeting, I find out what your main reasons are for quitting are so I can focus my session for maximum effectiveness.  No time is wasted on suggestions that don't apply to you.

Although at first skeptical and a bit afraid of hypnosis, I now realize that in the hands of a competent professional it can be an invaluable resource for healing. The comfort went beyond my expectations. Fear not, take a leap, and you will land gently in the arms of a compassionate and competent woman who will guide you toward hope with her incandescent spirit, and a sincere concern to help you heal all issues.

Gina B,

Ellenton, FL

here's what you can expect


Quitting smoking doesn't get any easier than this!  Watch a movie debunking everything you've ever learned about nicotine and addiction.  Do the hypnosis session.  Leave a non-smoker, non-toker, non-vaper, non-chewer.  It's THAT EASY.

Save Money

Many of my clients SAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS a year not wasting their hard earned money on cigarettes, tobacco, and vape pens.  With the money you saved, reward yourself with a cruise, new furniture that doesn't smell like smoke, or new clothes. 


My session puts you back in the driver's seat of your life so you aren't controlled by your urge to smoke, chew, or vape.  You will no longer have to miss out on fun with family and friends, because you will be a non-smoker!

No Weight Gain

My session is designed to keep you from replacing smoking with ALL unhealthy behaviors, including switching cigarettes for food.   


Before becoming a hypnotist, I made my living as a nationally touring comedian.  Your health is no laughing matter, but that doesn't mean that your smoking cessation session has to be all serious!

Non-Smoker Savings

Save additional money with my Non-Smoker discounts, a list of vendors that are ready to help you "clean up" your body, your car, and your home.  Move forward into your new healthy life as a non-smoker!

No Gross Stuff

My Quit Smoking in One Session is overwhelmingly positive.  You will not be subjected to pictures of blown out lungs and skeletons of smokers. That stuff just freaks me out, and I think you already know smoking is bad for you.

No Super Jerk

My session is designed to keep you from being that special kind of jerk that gets nasty and berates other smokers.  In fact, you'll be able to be around all your old smoker friends and not crave a smoke. 

Time Saver

Quitting smoking does not have to take several visits to the doctor, the drug store, or your hypnotist! One session and you're done!  Start living your best, smoke free life right after your session.


You will feel better and look amazing, when you are no longer poisoning yourself every day.  You'll notice your skin will feel better, and you'll be able to do things once again that smoking, chewing, and vaping took away from you.

No Boring Stuff

My session is designed to keep you engaged the entire time.  It calls on your higher self to participate and take ownership in your transformation.

Lifetime Guarantee*

I'm committed to your success in becoming a non-smoker.  Should you start smoking again, you can come back anytime for a non-smoker tune up, at no charge.

*Does not apply to Quit Smoking on a Budget Plan.

"I loved my experience with Traci at Wings! I wasn't sure if hypnosis would work on me, but I found out it does right away! Traci was a complete professional and I was soon in a peaceful hypnotic state. This is no casino show hypnotism, she's the real deal!!"

Travis W,

Tampa, FL

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All smoking cessation sessions must be paid in full prior to your session, and no there are no refunds.


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